Monday, 11 January 2010

Shooting planning

We have contacted the copyright act for the song poppiholla by email to ensure we can use the song for our work.

We wanted to create a very large scene wherby we had a number of people acting as an audience in a performance. To do this we have tried to use the theatre royal to film in, however despite contacting the theatre and asking to capture a small aamount of a live audience on film this was not allowed. We therefore had to adapt our idea and use our school stage. We had to plan this accurately so that the stage had appropriate scenary and wasnt inbetween shows. Once we figured otu when we could use the facility we then had to plan out in detailed steps how we would shooot the audience.

We were given a time slot of 15 minutes, in this time we had to orgainse 150 voulenteers into seating area. WE then had prepared clipoards with different seat numbers on them, these were seats where we had indicated people must follow our instructions. On our indications we would shout 1, 2 & 3 this would be the start of the standing auvation amongst the audeicne. We had 3 cameras, one stil standing, one hand held and one on a tripod & dolly. This meant we could capture as much footage as possible from different angles to ensure evrything was covered. We had four things we wanted to capture, 'boring clapping' 'excited cheers' a standing auvation, & audience reactions shots. To begin we gave the cast an overview of our narrative this made them understand the mood of the situation.

Overall the voulenteers followed our instructions well, and in the 15 minutes we collected more than enough footage to work with.

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