Monday, 11 January 2010

Research & Preparation

Here you can see our origional idea, we were particularly interested in using the song Pink-Funhouse, we thought this would be a fun, playful song to work with for a video, we chose outdoor locations as we could be as adventurous as possible & also we thought about experimenting with wild clown costumes and makeup.

Our second idea was for the song Poppiholla, this is a song that could have scope for many situations, it automatically made us think of someone succeeding in something. We were discussing somone who was maybe from a lower social status, who didnt think they could succeed, we again chose a lot of outdoor locations as we could play around with as much space as possible.

We then created a questionnair to see what people thought when they heard the song Poppiholla, the overall result was similar to our origional thoughts, be that people thinking success & determination. From these results we then started to create a spider diagram with thoughts about a storyline based on this song.

Here you can see all of our ideas of a range of different storylines that we could possibly use based on the above preparation.

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