Monday, 11 January 2010

Editing transitions & effects

We have turned the footage to black and white, we feel this gives the film a much more professional feel, & as previously suggested makes the audience concentrate more on the story rather than be distracted. As well as chaning it to black & white we thought we could develop this idea further & for the end of the film gradually broguht the colour back through. This was to suggest her confidence & determination building, and as black & white faded and the colour grew the inspiration became more visable, the light comes back into her dream as she succeeds.

We have also changed caertain speeds of shots, made some parts slow motion this was aimed to show the characters determination even more so, it was to capture emotion for that split second longer, the slow motion has worked really well in ensuring the film fits to the music. The orgional video for Chicanes song is also in slow motion, this adds extra effect to the film & we think this is deffinately somthing captured in our film

We have added basics transitions to our shots so that the vieod runs smoothly without having over exagerated effects inbetween each shot. We have used fades for most of our transitions rather than swirly shapes etc this give sthe video a more professional look and doesnt make the film look stuck together.

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