Monday, 11 January 2010


Here is a copy of the storyline we decided on for our final idea.

- A poor/less off working class girl attends audition for dance production.

- A number of girls who are neat, tidy & precise are an obvious threat to the girls chance of succeeding

- The girl fails, & other girls look down on her, snobby attitude

-Girl is really upset, feels really down, walks home alone, head down

- Goes home & cries on her bed

- Decides to stop feeling sorry for herself

- Goes out and practises dancing around her local area, in front of landmarks

- Plucks up the courage to go and attend the show she was meant to be in, with an idea in min

- Sits in audience & realises people around her arem't very impressed with the show

- Jumps up from her seat and runs onto stage

- Intrudes on the other girls performance & puts audience at shock

- Other girl leaves the stage so she takes over & dances

- The room fills with a standing ovation

- The girl finish's with a bow, to conclude her determination, happiness & success.

Moral of the story, don't give up on your dreams, follow you heart & if you put your mind to it you can succees despite your social status.

Here you can also see that we have produced a basic anamatic of our storyline.

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