Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Year 13 Project

For Year 13 we were given a list of ideas based on th film industry.

Me and the other members of our group decided we either wanted to work on the Film Trailer or music video. In the end we decided upon th music video.

We feel this could be more of a challenge as there are so many different things we could produce. We have already discussed our individual roles within the group, that being shauni as the director, jade as the editor and i will be the producer. I understand from this that my role will be to take charge of the actual filming, choosing correct locations for shooting, ensuring the lighting is appriopriate, & using a variety of shots and angles.

We will start by brainstorming our ideas, for song choices, storylines, locations, costumes and characters.
We will then produce a quesstionairre to further condense our ideas into what the public would prefer to watch.

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