Monday, 12 October 2009

Year 12 Summary

In year 12 i was given the task of creating a front cover, contents page and article for a music magazine. During this project i gained experience in photography and photshop editing. In my opinion i was better at the actual photo taking than the editing as i learned all of the camera angles and diferent length shots. I thought this was really interesting and enjoyed shooting different poses for the front cover. During the editing stage i learned a number of different skills such as changing the levels of the photo, contrasting the colours, and adding different fonts.
We orgionally did a practice execricse before creating the final magazine, and i feel that i improved exceptionally from this stage to the end product. In the final stages of the magazine i feel that it had a professional style, however there were a few things that i am going to take into consideration whilst doing my A2 project such as making my different length shots more prominant, and keeping the focus very precise. Also another thing i feel i need to improve whilst doing my A2 project is my time keeping, as last year i feel i was slightly rushed towards the end as i didnt plan efficiently. this year i will make my self a personal schedual that i will try to follow to ensure that i have a fair amount of time for each stage of the project.

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