Thursday, 13 May 2010

Practical production

Here is our finished video, we feel everything wokrs really well and are happy with the final product.

we then also created a short outtake as an extra;

Final Print work

This is my final front cover for my digi pack, i feel it is very effective with the black and white conrasting against the colour logo, it catches the audiences eye and will make them want to purchase.

This is the inside of my digi pack, again i am pleased with the look of it, with the graffitti in the background & love the close up shot of the girl!

This is the back of the digi pack, i love the graffiti which was already on the wall, it fits perfectly with the moral to our narrative.

This is a promotional poster for our album at a popular music store, we feel this would be a perfect place to find our audience.

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